Olena's stream of consciousness

Why did he suggest I come from this direction? It’s a lot longer around. Oh, I see. The bastard is charging the door, he’s breaking our deal, he promised equal partnership and the first thing he does is oh my GOD did he run that guy down? He didn’t get the other one I can’t get there in time doesn’t this piece of junk go any faster he needs me there right NOW oh god hail of bullets this can’t be good. Oh good the biker’s hit that means the bastard reporter’s not dead. I’ll help him out shoot it’s hard to shoot out the window of a moving car shit I missed but at least the guy took cover and Mittel’s out of the car now. One death trap escaped, let’s both run into another one, why don’t we?

No one else here yet. Mittel followed the guy into the alley. He’s down. Looks like the reporter is good in a fight after all. Door ahead. Have to rescue, have to stay focused. Mittel will be right behind me. Wish I could get in the front door, but Mittel blocked that one. stupid, stupid, that’s the one with the stairs by it. Corridor; enemies! Shoot! Oh my god oh my god I just killed a man oh my god oh my god the other one ran back inside and closed the door. Why haven’t they all come boiling out of there yet? Loud music must be too loud. Other door on the left, maybe to the stairs, try it first. Was that more bullets from outside? Who’s left to kill out there? Why isn’t Mittel right behind me? Room’s empty, door at other side; closet, also empty, what a waste of time. Wonder if the guy who ran away has got reinforcements ah yes he does SHIT gotta run back outside Mittel’s fighting one of the door guards and the other one’s not dead either maybe he isn’t as good in a fight as I thought. I’ll get that one who should be dead. I’ll make him pay attention to me!

Who’s touching me stop it stop it HOW DARE YOU time to show you I’m not a scared kid to be raped by the likes of you. Drop weapons and throw him, no I won’t just knock him out. Oh god I just killed another one. No time. Pick up the escrima stick, leave the gun, draw the other stick, face the guy behind. He’s got a baseball bat and he’s not moving. What, little man, you scared of me? You should be. Or are you still in shock from seeing your friend’s head imitating a water balloon at a fall fair? My target is behind me now but I have to deal with this guy first. Mittel will have to take care of the other one.


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