Olena's Journal: July 22

Sorry it’s been a couple of days, guys. A lot’s been going on here.

Katie’s sick. She started throwing up yesterday, and this morning my parents wanted to take her to the hospital. I’d been reading a few things online earlier in the day about the pandemic in the cities, and I wasn’t about to share that stuff with my parents. They were worried enough already. Anyhow, I convinced them to wait until I’d at least called the hospital to see how the situation was there.

I got a busy signal. A busy signal. Who still gets busy signals? How twentieth century is this place, anyway? But I figured it meant everyone and their brother was trying to call the hospital, so I convinced my parents to keep Katie at home and try to get more Gatorade into her. She’s keeping some down, and she got enough tylenol that her fever is down into a more normal range. The gravol’s doing nothing, though.

Main Street looks like a ghost town. I went over to the pharmacy because we were almost out of tylenol, and it was locked at two o’clock in the afternoon. Even more worrisome, when I peaked in the window, I realized they’d cleared the locked cabinets behind the counter, rather than just locking them. That is, any medication that absolutely must not be stolen isn’t in the store anymore. Pharmacists only do that when they think they won’t be back for a while to open up. Meanwhile, the insulin and diabetic supplies were piled on the counter. It’s almost as though they’re expecting people to break in, and not for shits and giggles – they put out the most obviously necessary supplies in plain sight. I can’t think of a single scenario where that would be a good thing.

EDIT: Oh, shit. I seem to have lost connectivity. Stupid one-horse town. I guess I’ll save this to my LJ client and try again later.

EDIT II: It’s not just LJ or my connectivity that’s down. I’ve called or been called by half a dozen people, and nobody has any connection to the world outside this town, at all. The Army has blocked off the roads into town (does that make us as whiny as Toronto? I hope not) and everyone’s being told to stay put. And there is no internet connection. That scares me more than anything.

I think I’ll print this entry and start keeping a paper journal.


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